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Why is CBG the Rolls Royce of Cannabinoids?

With the exploding popularity in the CBD market, there has been all kinds of CBD-related products. Stores have begun to sell CBD topicals, softgels, tinctures, and even products like sunscreen. But surprisingly, not many seem to be aware of CBD’s ‘big brother,’ CBG.

Widely known as the “Rolls Royce of cannabinoids, CBG is a cannabinoid typically present in small quantities in cannabis plants. Its nickname came about because of how expensive and difficult it is to produce. The reason so is because it is the ‘OG’ or granddaddy of all cannabinoids.

In the process of creating THC and CBD, the cannabis plant directs enzymes towards CBGA in order to create either THCA or CBDA. Since CBD, and other minor cannabinoids are derived from CBG, there has been great interest in CBG and its possible therapeutic uses and applications.

Much of the research today has been focused solely upon THC and CBD, and less so of the other minor cannabinoids typically present in a cannabis plant. However, some are beginning to take interest in CBG, including the United States government who in 2018 created funding opportunities for researchers seeking to explore the broad effects of CBG and alike.

Research on CBG is still in progress today. However, what researchers have already discovered about it is promising. Research has already shown that CBG has many antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and and pain support properties, and scientists continue to discover how CBG affects Huntington’s Disease, colon cancer, and many other conditions.

The full potential of CBG is still very much unknown to the scientific community. New studies are still being published on CBG and its various effects on the human body, including this one on MRSA superbugs and CBG. There is no doubt that people, both researchers and consumers alike are interested in CBG as the next big thing.

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