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MEDPOLIS was started to provide you with quality, tested products. From the beginning, we saw an unfulfilled gap between high quality, but prohibitively expensive products and low quality, dangerously cheap products. Our mission has since focused on bringing you high quality flowers and extracts at accessible prices.


All MEDPOLIS products come from vetted, industry benchmark farms in Oregon and Colorado. Quality suppliers are a key factor to bringing you top shelf products at value prices. Care is ensured through the whole farming process, from seed to bud, in order to ensure that you receive a superior, safe product.


MEDPOLIS uses cutting edge technology in all phases of the production process. Quality control is a core ethos to the MEDPOLIS team, because your health is important to us. With thousands of sketchy, poorly processed products on the market, it is essential that you find a supplier who has a legitimate Certificate of Analysis for all of their products. MEDPOLIS employs independent third party labs to verify that our products are of the best quality.


We know that not all locales are welcoming of hemp/cannabis products, especially with a majority of states still being illegal states. As such, all packages reach your doorstep with special smell proof packaging, free of charge. Rest assured, your safety is important to us at all levels.

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